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Living your life in a harmonious way that brings together personal, professional, family and community activities is a creative challenge we all face. We start as individual beings (persons) and invariably we end up asking ourselves: Am I enjoying the level of health I would like to have? What is health? Can health be defined as just the absence of disease? For sure, health is not everything. But everything without health is nothing!

We know intuitively that the level of health we enjoy is the consequence of the degree of harmonious adaptation we have to our internal and external environments.  The quality of fluids, both inside and outside our cells, depends largely on the quality of our blood. And the quality of our blood, in-turn, depends primarily on the quality of our food and water. All of us are fundamentally water organisms, composed and developed with water as our main ingredient. Now, think of food as simply seeds and water. Our health depends on the quality of the seeds and water we consume. Food is also medicine. Plants are medicine. And water, too,  is medicine.

Live Clean | Live the Code

Clean and healthy living

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The most important first step you can take to develop optimal health is to ensure the purity of the food and water you eat and drink. You can do this by living the code, which is a return to the ecological garden. In our communities, families and lives, this is primordial. This simple code constitutes the most important factor for the transformation of the human continuum  to optimal levels of health. How can you apply this simple code (returning to the ecological garden) in your lifestyle? Choose organic quality foods and clean water. Even with the flaws in the criteria for USDA-certified food, it remains the cleanest food we can buy. We can also develop our own organic bio-dynamic gardens at home to produce the very best food we can eat. I say, “Just do it!” – then enjoy the multiple benefits of the most important part of your home: living the code; returning to the ecological garden.

Clean Water, Healthy Body

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Clean water is difficult to procure, but it is possible to have if we act decisively. Most public waters are significantly polluted. Federal, state, county, and town standards are generally deficient, allowing too many toxic elements into our drinking water supply. It’s a good idea to know what toxic elements are in your water before you drink, bathe or wash with it. It has to be tested. Testing by water authority laboratories is not enough. Independent research testing, through syncrometer testing for example, must also be completed both before and after installing water filtration systems in your home. The only way to choose the right purification system is to test the water prior to installing a new system in order to identify all the toxic elements. After the filtration system is installed, follow-up testing is needed to know with certainty the toxicity has been eliminated, and the water is clean. Syncrometer testing is the advanced methodology used in Natural Biological Medicine to identify toxic elements and parasites (complex organisms – bacteria – viruses – prions) in the human organism. A combination of state-of-the-art filtration systems, including hot backwash whole-house filtration methodologies, can be installed to obtain clean water for all uses in the home. Additional information can be obtained by contacting the author at

Clean water and clean food are the fundamental bases to nurture and develop optimal health. To complete this paradigm, we include clean shelter. Clean shelter pertains to the processes involved in designing non-toxic, non-reactive structures – including clean energy systems, non-toxic and non-reactive furniture and equipment, and ecologically sustainable materials, preferably obtained from the local ecosystem. These considerations have far reaching implications for the development of the new civilization of Ecological Communities to save our planet and all of its inhabitants. How can you apply clean home practices in your lifestyle? Educate yourself, and refuse to give in to a toxic environment in the sacred spaces of your home. In this regard, act decisively when  you build, renovate or do repairs to your home. With the same budget, make the smartest choices. Go with a Clean Home, and your [home] investment will increase significantly. Inspire others to do the same. Let us also be generous. In the past we have proclaimed “Liberty and Justice for All.” Let us now ask for “Clean Water, Clean Food and Clean Shelter for All.”

To Your Health

Human health is the result of a complex system, which has biological, psychological and spiritual factors working inter-dependently as one system. At the biological level, we have identified the fundamental bases to develop and maintain health. We know how to discharge toxic elements from our bodies through a number of protocols in Natural Biological Medicine. Just as importantly, however, is knowing how to avoid bringing toxic elements into our bodies in the first place, helping us to avoid degeneration and disease. Acting decisively when it comes to our health places us on the path to progressive regeneration, activation of anti-aging processes and the development of optimal health. If we do this, we extend life!

Remember that health is dynamic. It is in a state of constant change. Health requires ongoing maintenance through a series of self-regulated (biological, psychological and spiritual) practices. More on these issues and practices will be presented in future articles. Stay tuned! Remember this Zen mantra: Take decisive action in an optimal direction and inspire others to do the same. Start with your health. Take command of your health before attending to anything else.

Until next time: be water my friend. Enjoy!

Dr. Clarjen-Arconada came to the U.S. with a Fulbright Scholarship to research fundamental etiological factors of illness and optimal regeneration sequences. He practices Natural Biological Medicine and is the Director of the Integral Health Center. He has over forty years of experience working on fundamental issues of Natural Biological Medicine, Self-Regeneration processes and Self-Regulation Methodologies. You may email him at and visit his website Or you may SKYPE him at amberwaveshealth.


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