BIRTH OF A LEGEND. With great anticipation, Porsche began regular series production of their model 911 in September 1964. The iconic history of the car is well known and its allure still captivates enthusiasts around the globe today.

Sports car Graphic Magazine said in January 1965: “Probably the biggest attraction in owning a Porsche is the mystique”. If you identify as a Porschefile, you know what that means! And it still holds true nearly five decades after the first model was introduced. 1965 model year cars sold for $5,995 USD. Those early Porsche 911’s (1965-1973) are scarce today and have become highly collectible. The cars with provenance and original engines are in the highest demand, easily commanding in the six figures when trading hands.

Historically speaking, the Porsche 911 has epitomized German engineering ever since the first cars hit the market. Each successive Porsche has worn the badge of the “Ultimate Porsche”. By 1969, Porsche offered three variations of the 911: the 911T was the base model. The 911E and 911S were introduced as the first fuel injected models. The latter two hit the market as “special” models and were produced in limited numbers (approximately eight hundred a year). Today, more than forty years later, finding a 911 E or S model that maintains it’s original integrity requires a lot of patience, and as such, to collectors of vintage Porsche they are among the most highly sought after cars of vintage class.

PORSCHE PROUD. The 1972 Porsche 911E was fuel injected, offering 185 horsepower and Bosch mechanical fuel injection. It had a top speed of 139 mph. This 1972 Porsche 911E Targa, has had only one owner and has been beautifully restored. Its original numbered engine has been rebuilt. The car, stripped and restored to it’s original Viper Green #225, comes with seamless records dating back to the original bill of sale window sticker (if you’re the one who buys the car, frame them…they’ll be great conversation pieces!). Floors and wheel wells are painted. All bright work is either renewed or replaced, as well as all rubber seals and gaskets.


Engine was removed and has been completely rebuilt, including the following:

• Crankcase separated and measured, new bearings, polished crank
• New pistons, cylinders and rings
• Heads fully rebuilt including all new valves, guides and seats
• New camshafts

Also done mechanically:

• New clutch
• All new brakes
• All new shocks
• All new belts and fluids
• Updated chain tensioners


• Car has a fully restored interior including:
• All new leather seats (not vinyl)
• All new carpets
• New Targa top vinyl


This vehicle can be purchased through Aventura Motors in Southampton, NY. Visit or call 631.283.0000